exploring what constitutes whole health

I signed up for WordPress’s “Blogging 101” course. I love courses and learning anyway, and since this poor blog has been rather neglected I thought it might give me some fresh inspiration (read: a swift kick in the pants).

But I’m a few days late getting this assigned post up, so I guess its effectiveness in that regard is debatable.

Um, oops.

But I do still believe in this blog, and I want it to live up to its original purpose–exploring what constitutes true and total health in all areas–mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I think that’s an important topic and one worth discussing.

I just think I might need to tweak things a bit here.

Blogs are by nature personal, so this will still chronicle my journey. It will still be my personal projects and experiments and thoughts and perceptions. But if it’s just me, I think it will get a little boring (not to mention I’ll run out of things to say). So I do want to include other perspectives. My own wisdom is limited anyway–we can all learn together what true and total health looks like, right? I’d love to build a community focused on that.

Goals for the next six months:

1) Blog 2x per week.

2) Have at least one post concerning each of the areas of health mentioned above (I’ve been out of balance thus far, mainly talking about the physical realm).

3) Have a post or two that include an interview–I’d love to share someone else’s knowledge. I get tired of my own yammering, so I’m sure others do too.

In order to ensure that I do update more regularly, here’s a “sneak peek” at what I’ve got planned for upcoming posts:

1) a couple of book reviews (one of them has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages now)

2) an interesting study I came across awhile back

3) a couple of physical health tidbits I stumbled across

4) my own search for liturgy and beauty and ritual

5) Nudge me with any thoughts or ideas you have! We’re all in this together.