looking for a good shower cleaner

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “High Noon.”

I’ve made my own cleaners for a long time now. Part of the reason is I’m a cheapskate, and it costs less. Part of it is that commercial cleaners, with their strong smell, tend to make my head hurt. A lot.

Most homemade cleaners involve vinegar in some form. It doesn’t usually take much to get the job done, and the smell of vinegar dissipates quickly. It’s never been a problem before.

Today it was a problem.

For a while now, I’ve been seeing this recipe for shower cleaner. One cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid plus one cup of hot vinegar. Combine in a spray bottle. Thoroughly spray down your shower, wait an hour, then rinse.

From reading the comments, this was supposed to be life-changing. A sparkling clean shower, no scrubbing, no harsh bathroom cleaners.

At noon today, I was thinking that I hate this recipe and I desperately need to rinse off the showers walls–RIGHT. NOW.

Ugh. That is waaaaaaaaay too much vinegar.

So no deep, profound thoughts from me at noon today–just the realization that my quest for a good shower cleaner still continues.

Anyone have any suggestions? Preferably ones that don’t include vinegar–at least not that much. But I really would love a GREAT homemade shower cleaner. Or even a commercial one that doesn’t have a strong smell.


believing God

I think I’m stuck being permanently behind.

This post is the assignment for Day 9. Days 10-12 are sitting in my inbox, and Day 13 (is there a 13?) will probably be coming soon.

If I get them all done, that’s something, right? Even if I’m chronically late doing so?

I told you in my About page that if you were looking for someone who had it all together you needed to keep looking. I certainly don’t.

Anyway! Moving on to the actual assignment.

The previous day had us leaving comments on new-to-us blogs. I found several lovely ones, but this one stood out to me.

It’s beautiful. Rich and deep and inspiring.

And it’s a lesson I often forget–that prayer isn’t so much about changing God or even circumstances as it is about changing me.

I especially love this line: “…our prayers are most effective when they change the desires of our heart to correspond with His desires.”

I need that. So often my own heart is full of what I want and what I think I need or–heaven help me–what I think I deserve. What I think other people owe me and so God should work on their hearts so that they’ll be motivated to get to it.

And boy, is that humbling to write–goodness, I’m awfully selfish.

I’m currently in a Beth Moore Bible study at church. That study and this post makes me remember a study of hers I did many years ago–I think it was one of the first of hers I did. She talked about the sin of unbelief. Not the unbelief of the non-Christian that says, “I don’t believe in God.” No, she was addressing the far more insidious type of unbelief that we Christians are often guilty of: “I don’t believe God. I don’t really trust Him. I don’t know that His ways are good for me or that He’ll do what He says.” We figure God’s actually a bit capricious.

And so we wrestle. We kick and scream and argue and fight. We want what we want. We try to do it ourselves, control it ourselves. And we try to pester God into following our plan.

Or maybe that’s just me.

One particular time of wrestling with God, where I was praying intensely about a situation where I really wanted God to answer in only one way (my way), I listened to this song pretty much on a repeat loop. It’s raw and painfully, brutally honest. I particularly resonate with the line, “I can’t see how You’re leading me, unless You’ve led me here, where I’m lost enough to let myself be led.”

P.S. I just learned a new trick! Actually embedding the track in the post instead of just linking to it! *pats self on the back*

who’s on this journey with me?

I’m supposed to be thinking about my ideal audience.

To be honest, my ideal audience is anyone willing to read my rambling thoughts. I’m not that picky.

But it’s a fair question, really. Who’s going to enjoy this blog? Who might benefit from it? Or am I really just talking to myself?

I hope not. I don’t really want to fill the interwebs with mindless chatter that doesn’t do anyone any good.

So whom am I addressing? Well, I’d say anyone interested in whole person health–the physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional. Maybe you won’t like my suggestions for any of those areas. Maybe we’ll take different routes to achieve wholeness. All three of these areas can lead to robust debate as to what’s right and what’s wrong. But I’d say if you’re willing to join the conversation (and be polite about it), then come on in. I love discussions and listening to others–even if I don’t end up agreeing. Hopefully there are some folks out there who feel the same.

To help you figure out if this is a place for you, here’s how I approach the three areas:

  1. Spiritual health. I’m a Christian, so obviously my ideas and suggestions for this category will be rooted firmly in that. I’ll cover things like Bible study, prayer, fasting, Scripture memorization, liturgies and rituals, etc. If you wish to discuss other religions and spiritual practices in the comments, I’m willing to listen respectfully as long as you’re polite.
  2. Physical health. I’m kind of an odd hybrid between natural/alternative health and conventional medicine (basically I get flak from both sides). I honestly see a place for both. I’m grateful for both. So you can expect to see both mentioned here. But much of my thoughts in this category will probably be related to diet, exercise, migraine prevention and treatment, menstrual comforts, and natural remedies.
  3. Mental/emotional health. I’m not 100% sure where this section will go. It’s an important aspect of health, to be sure. The time I lost to postpartum depression affected every single area of my life. But I think it’s probably the hardest to address and do it well. I’ll probably mostly quote experts here, although I’ll try to include some personal things as well. I’m certainly open to ideas in this department!

Tonight I did manage to combine all three areas in one lovely activity.  combined a cup of Epsom salts, a half cup of baking soda, and 10 drops of lavender essential in a hot bath. It helped with some physical pain I was having, and it was mentally, emotionally, and physically relaxing. For the spiritual aspect, I listened to this album from Andrew Peterson. I bought it on CD years ago. When I wore out the CD, I bought it again on iTunes–I love it that much. If you’re in a hurry, “Just As I Am” and “Silence of God” are my two favorites.

Love and Thunder

exploring what constitutes whole health

I signed up for WordPress’s “Blogging 101” course. I love courses and learning anyway, and since this poor blog has been rather neglected I thought it might give me some fresh inspiration (read: a swift kick in the pants).

But I’m a few days late getting this assigned post up, so I guess its effectiveness in that regard is debatable.

Um, oops.

But I do still believe in this blog, and I want it to live up to its original purpose–exploring what constitutes true and total health in all areas–mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I think that’s an important topic and one worth discussing.

I just think I might need to tweak things a bit here.

Blogs are by nature personal, so this will still chronicle my journey. It will still be my personal projects and experiments and thoughts and perceptions. But if it’s just me, I think it will get a little boring (not to mention I’ll run out of things to say). So I do want to include other perspectives. My own wisdom is limited anyway–we can all learn together what true and total health looks like, right? I’d love to build a community focused on that.

Goals for the next six months:

1) Blog 2x per week.

2) Have at least one post concerning each of the areas of health mentioned above (I’ve been out of balance thus far, mainly talking about the physical realm).

3) Have a post or two that include an interview–I’d love to share someone else’s knowledge. I get tired of my own yammering, so I’m sure others do too.

In order to ensure that I do update more regularly, here’s a “sneak peek” at what I’ve got planned for upcoming posts:

1) a couple of book reviews (one of them has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages now)

2) an interesting study I came across awhile back

3) a couple of physical health tidbits I stumbled across

4) my own search for liturgy and beauty and ritual

5) Nudge me with any thoughts or ideas you have! We’re all in this together.