easing menstrual woes

I have a computer again! I can return to regular updates! (You know you’ve missed me.) I even have a couple of posts in mind.

I posted awhile back that eating fish and drinking green smoothies seemed to help my periods be less problematic. I couldn’t figure out why, and I didn’t even know if that was really the reason. After all, correlation does not equal causation.

But it was the only thing I could pinpoint, and it certainly couldn’t hurt anything, so I just went with it.

And then I found this! I’m not crazy after all!

Sure, it’s mostly addressing cramps and not the other issues I experience during that time. I noticed improvements in several areas. But it still feels nice to have my suspicion “validated” a little bit.

I did try one of the essential oil blends suggested in the article. I’m not sure I noticed a big reduction in cramping, but I’ll probably continue to use it.

What’s your favorite menstrual remedy or comfort?