much ado about EOs

Essential oils are all over the internet. Unless you’ve been living under the equivalent of a digital rock, chances are you’ve come across at least one post or article about EOs. Maybe you’ve read about their effectiveness, maybe you’ve read safety cautions, or maybe you’ve seen the brand wars that rage.

It’s all a bit overwhelming, really.

I’m taking an essential oils course through Vintage Remedies (and I currently have a 96.7 average, thank you very much). This is a beginner course rather than an advanced one, so mostly I’m learning just how much I don’t know. But it does help me find the balance between the use-EOs-all-the-time-for-everything crowd and the oh-my-gosh-never-use-an-EO-unless-you-have-the-proper-training crowd.

Even though it’s a short course, it covers traditional aromatherapy, using EOs in skin care, aromatic medicine, and safety concerns for children. It focuses on actual clinical studies rather than anecdotal evidence (sadly, that is SO rare). I plan to take the beginner herbalism course through the site next, because I think they do a good job cutting through the hype and giving “just the facts.”

One of the think the aromatic medicine unit mentioned was not going for the strongest oil right from the get-go. You should match the oil to the need.

So I liked this post from Beeyoutiful. There are plenty of natural remedies from which one can choose, and it makes sense to start at the bottom of the chart (where risk is lowest) and work your way up as needed. Save the more potent (and therefore riskier as far as potential side effects) for when you truly need them.

I’m not saying don’t use EOs. I still use them and love them. (I am always amazed by how well an EO blend can take out a cough.)  I see no reason to live in fear over potential side effects when using them appropriately. But do use common sense and do your own research as far as risks, precautions, proper dosage, etc.




easing menstrual woes

I have a computer again! I can return to regular updates! (You know you’ve missed me.) I even have a couple of posts in mind.

I posted awhile back that eating fish and drinking green smoothies seemed to help my periods be less problematic. I couldn’t figure out why, and I didn’t even know if that was really the reason. After all, correlation does not equal causation.

But it was the only thing I could pinpoint, and it certainly couldn’t hurt anything, so I just went with it.

And then I found this! I’m not crazy after all!

Sure, it’s mostly addressing cramps and not the other issues I experience during that time. I noticed improvements in several areas. But it still feels nice to have my suspicion “validated” a little bit.

I did try one of the essential oil blends suggested in the article. I’m not sure I noticed a big reduction in cramping, but I’ll probably continue to use it.

What’s your favorite menstrual remedy or comfort?

Sewing Sheaves

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write away

(She) who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with (her). Psalm 126:6

I don’t know how long you’ve known me to know my special feelings about sheaves. (Which, come to think of it, makes very little sense in the physical considering my inability to eat wheat.) But no matter, the verses have never left my heart.

And so when it came time to choose a name for my current undertaking, I knew it was where I had to land once more.

See, my husband has had a major paycut at work and it’s sent us on another financial tail-spin. Just when we think we have things well in hand, well, we find ourselves surprised once again. We are ever reminded that the things of earth are passing away and what is truly important is the eternal. But in the meantime, we…

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