have yourself a healthy little Christmas…and a healthy new year

Moving into a new year gets many people thinking about healthy habits. New Year’s resolutions tend to focus heavily on health goals. Thankfully, I don’t have any huge overhaul planned for the year to come. I do want to keep building on the habits I have and making improvements (especially in the realm of consistency!), but overall I feel like I’m going in the right direction (just moving slowly).

Facebook peeps have already heard me raving about this lovely necklace. It’s actually a diffuser for essential oils. I do think this picture turned out a little better–less glare. You can actually see the necklace rather than just a blur.

IMG_0235 diffuser necklace

Right now I’ve got an allergy/sinus blend in it.

Here’s the little insert that goes inside the necklace–it’s where you put the drop or two of oil. Eventually I’ll have to look into getting refills of these.

inside diffuser necklace the tab thing

This wasn’t the only Christmas gift I’m excited about though. Maintaining my green smoothie habit tends to be hard on blenders. It breaks them. So this was a fabulous thing to find under the tree.

IMG_0240 blender

It’s a Kitchen Aid. It’s also red, which matches my stand mixer, immersion blender, microwave, and toaster oven. This nifty color coordination makes me look far more gifted at decor than I actually am. That’s a nice plus.

I’ve already used the blender as a sort of food processor, cutting coconut oil and butter into flour to make scones. It worked well for that. Yay for multitasking appliances!

The above presents were from my parents, and I love them (the gifts as well as the parents). And even though it isn’t really a “health” item (more of a “treat”), they also got me a waffle iron. We used it this morning, and it makes fabulous waffles. I don’t want it to feel left out of the holiday love, so here it is.


Shiny! (And the waffles I made this morning were whole wheat–that counts for something, right?)

Back to the healthy stuff…lest you think physical health is all this blog will ever discuss, I used some gift card credit from my brother to buy some Bible studies that I’m actually really excited about. I’ll post more about those here as I get started with them (and finally start living up to the blog’s name!).

I wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2015!