pondering the second experiment

So NaNoWriMo kind of kicked my rear as far as getting other writing done. I did make 50,000 words, and I did finish my first draft (finally!) of a novel that’s been rattling in my head for years now. But I didn’t do much in the way of any other writing. As a reader of this blog, you might have noticed this.


I can’t say I did a great job of practicing yoga either. I did manage to keep drinking water (mostly). Maybe I can count that as a half-win?

December is less busy for me; holiday activities don’t start for us until closer to the actual day of Christmas. We do have other things going on between now and then (parties, ballet performance, etc.), but they’re pretty spread out. So I do feel confident that any health goals I set for the month do have a chance of succeeding.

I’ve been mulling over what the second health experiment should be. I’m going to continue with yoga, because I need that each day. I think I’m going to add green smoothies and fish to the mix as well. I posted that I had a menstrual period that was a vast improvement over what I usually deal with. I’ve had another period hit since writing that post. Unfortunately, it was back to my norm–heavy bleeding, clotting, cramping, etc. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the difference. All I can come up with is that during the “good” one, I was drinking a green smoothie daily and I ate fish twice. Maybe it was just a fluke, but I’m going to try to see if being more consistent with those things can have a positive effect.

So here is my plan for Experiment 2:

1. Daily yoga practice (at least a few minutes)

2. Green smoothie at least three times per week (yes, daily would be better, but I’m trying to set attainable goals)

3. Fish at least least once a week (my older daughter will love this–she and I both like fish. It’s trying to come up with something else for my husband and younger child to eat that makes this one tricky. I dislike preparing two different meals)

And since I’m not pounding out crazy word counts each day, I can do some web browsing and start sharing links of interest on the weekends again. : )


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