weekend web love

I’m late in the day due to NaNoWriMo, but I’m here! Here’s what I found of interest this week.

7 Natural Ways to Refresh Your Home, Fight Indoor Air Pollution, and Make It Smell Great I was so glad to find this post! I’ve kicked around the idea of some sort of air purifier, hoping it would help those of us who suffer from allergies. But those things are pricey. I’ve read other natural air purifier articles, but they all focus on houseplants. Houseplants are a problem, because of the allergies. But this gives several non-plant options (and those salt lamps look cool!).

Must-Have Herbs and Remedies: Prep Your Body and Spirit for Winter I’m posting this mostly so I can find it easily and spend more time perusing it. Some of these things I already do (my toddler baby-sitting charge asks for elderberry by name!), but I’m always willing to learn more as we move into the winter cold and flu (and other icky sicknesses) season.

That’s it for this weekend! I’m saving my writing for NaNo! 🙂