good enough is good enough

Yesterday was a bit crazy. My younger daughter was sick, so off to the doctor I went with her and our toddler-aged baby-sitting charge. As I suspected, it was an ear infection. Thankfully, my husband made the pharmacy trip for the medicine (I discovered a long time ago that waiting at the pharmacy for a prescription to be filled with a child who feels miserable is to be avoided whenever possible. It doesn’t matter that it’s more convenient to stop on the way home from the doctor or that you’ll get the medicine more quickly that way. It’s not worth it).

Then we had a visit with my parents scheduled. Little Miss wanted to go, ear infections aren’t really contagious (although the preceding cold, sinus infection, or upper respiratory infection obviously are–but we’d ALL had that!), and she can rest as well at her grandparents’ as she can at home. So off we went.

So with a day that was definitely outside the realm of normal, how did I do?

I got my eight cups of water in. And I did one yoga pose.

Yeah, I know. One.

Not a whole practice. Just one.

I’m okay with it.

See, I’m after consistency right now more than perfection. I did something, and that’s better than doing nothing.It still helps with building the habit.

Small steps in the right direction are okay because you’re still moving forward. And sometimes good enough is good enough.