sequencing yoga poses

Yeah, I got bored using the same format for the title each time. Time to mix it up!

I have a few yoga DVDs, and I do like them. But real life with kids and school and obligations means that sometimes finding time to pop in a DVD is hard. And I still want to get a practice of some sort in.

Some people have enough yoga knowledge to come up with their own sequence of poses. I am not one of those people. I need some help!

So I’d like to introduce you to my favorite yoga book.

yoga to the rescue cover

Doesn’t it look fun? It makes me smile–and want to do yoga. (My girls love it too.)

The book is divided into categories: Sexy, Calm, Energy, Sanity, Cleanse, and a special section for the ladies called Ragtime. If you want poses that will strengthen and tone you, turn to the Sexy section. If you want a pick-me-up, try the Energy poses. If it’s “that time of the month,” the Ragtime segment is your friend.

The beginning of each section gives ideas for sequencing. Yesterday I did a sequence from “Calm.” Today I tried one of the practices from the “Energy” portion (I got a lot done today too!).

The author is fun and quirky. Here are a couple of sample pages:

inside book pic  2 inside book pic

Like I said, it makes me smile.

The directions are pretty clear and concise. It’s not as easy to do new poses from this as it would be a video or a live class, of course, but I really do love it and think it’s a great resource.