experiment 1, day 3


It’s going well so far. I did 20 minutes of yoga on both days 1 and 2. I had eight cups of water the first day and seven cups yesterday.

I woke up with sore muscles this morning. Who says yoga isn’t a workout?

A hot shower helped some, and I’ll be sure to do some relaxing stretches during my yoga time today. I’m also going to see if drinking a bit more water helps (although honestly, I’m bad at drinking water–not sure how well I’ll do with that. Getting to seven or eight cups is huge. But I did have 2 cups this morning before the coffee instead of just one, so that’s a start, right? The yoga does seem to help with craving water more).

On a funny side note: I teach a weekly Latin class to homeschooled high schoolers on Tuesdays. Yesterday was a test day, so I had some down time while they were taking their tests. I pulled out my iPod to find a book to read.

I found one I didn’t even remember I had–a sort of yoga devotional for Christians! It was a short, easy read (I finished it before the students finished their tests). It gave some ideas for incorporating meditation on Scripture or on certain attributes of God during your yoga practice. I tend to just do the stretches and sequences, but it’s an interesting idea I might try.