the first experiment, day 1

So I wrote a post giving lots of back story–the health issues I have that I’m trying to address, the history of those, what I’ve done so far, etc.

I deleted it. You’re welcome.

You don’t care about a bunch of history. And I’d rather just start moving forward from here than spend a whole lot of time explaining (and dwelling on) the past.

So let’s just begin in media res, shall we?

Supposedly it takes 21 days to make a habit. And trying to form too many habits at once doesn’t tend to work all that well (at least not for me). So I’m just going to pick one or two habits to work on for three weeks. Then another. And another. It will take awhile, but hopefully they’ll “stick” that way.

As the tagline suggests, some habits will be for my physical health, some for spiritual, and some for emotional/mental health.

The first two habits I’m tackling are drinking water and doing daily yoga. I’m pleased to report that on this first day I’ve already done Sara Ivanhoe’s “Daily Dozen” poses from Basic Yoga for Dummies. And although it’s only about 9:30 a.m. as I write this, I’ve already drunk three cups of water. Of course, the first day is the easiest–all that just-starting-out excitement. We’ll see how it’s going around Day 11 or Day 17.

Why did I pick physical habits to start with? Why not something spiritual? After all, I’m a Christian. I believe that we have a spirit, soul, and a body. And the spirit and soul are what’s eternal. Certainly spiritual health is more important than physical health in the grand scheme of things, so why not begin there?

Well, the reality is that right now we are living in earthly bodies. And while those bodies may not last forever, it’s pretty hard to focus on much of anything else when one’s body feels pretty crappy much of the time in the here and now. I’m not ignoring spiritual or mental health at the moment (some of my current habits for those areas would fall into that pesky back story category), and later habits will address those areas as well. But for now, I’m starting with the physical. And I do believe that will help the mental and spiritual in the long run.

What do you think? Would you rather address spiritual and emotional health before physical? Does order matter to you?


4 thoughts on “the first experiment, day 1

  1. To me they are all important but if I were to order them it would be spiritual,physical then emotional. As a person who suffers with depression I am told often if I work out my emotion side of things gets easier, but its a job when you are depressed to push yourself to walk,run or any kind of workout.
    I noticed you are a new blogger so keep up the good work! I sure need to get back into doing it more.


    • First of all, thanks for commenting! And being my first comment, no less. *gives you virtual cookies*

      I would absolutely agree that the spiritual is more important. But sometimes you can’t even function well enough to address it until you’ve handled the physical first. Kind of like James saying not to send people away from a church service saying, “Be warm and well-fed!” Feed them!

      Depression has so many layers. Can exercise and good nutrition help? Sure. But when you can’t get out of bed ( or in my case, off the couch), you can’t begin to attempt any of those. Since mine was postpartum, a progesterone cream brought the hormones back under control enough that I could start moving on to other levels of healing. But I couldn’t do anything until that happened. I think that’s why medicine is the first line of defense. Then move on to other therapies.

      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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  2. Yes I see your point and agree. I take medication for hormones as well as my body didnt produce them(long story) anyway your most welcome. (_)D Cheers!


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