learning as I go

The blogosphere is a busy place. No matter the topic, someone out there is blogging about it. Niches are dominated by experts who’ve built their platforms by sharing their knowledge. And we all clamor for more and more of their advice and insight.

I am not an expert. Apologies if you thought I might be.

What I am is a student. I don’t attend school, but I’m always learning. I read books, blogs, articles. I attend webinars. I ask questions. I consider what might make sense for me and my circumstances. And I try things out.

Through all this, I’ve discovered some things that have made profound impact on my health. I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. But I still have things to learn and a ways to go before I call myself “healthy.”

This space gives me a chance to chronicle what works–and what doesn’t. It keeps me accountable (I plan to post whether I’ve followed through on a particular thing or not. But having to post regardless makes it more likely that I will follow through).

And, assuming anyone actually ends up reading this, I look forward to having others join the conversation–sharing what works and doesn’t for them and their situations. I figure all we non-experts can learn a lot from each other.

So…if anyone does happen to be reading and feel like joining the conversation, who are some of your favorite experts on the web?